Monday, April 25, 2011


The Eagle eating the snake from the flag of Mexico

I thought this time of making this picture as my home country goes trough many problems as never before in its history. And sadly enough it is a problem that grew by itself slowly and continuously over the years. After a lot of thinking and talking about it with the people, one of the conclusions I came up with was that the culture degradation and the lack of unity sense as a country, community, city, neighborhood etc. brought the country to the actual social state it finds itself into. How to get out of it is the big question with no unique answer. From the many possible options, I do know that staying the same is just not an option. 

I guess due to human nature, we want results now, fast and permanent which I am pretty sure do not exist. Real change is forged and not improvised or brought from the heavens and it'll take years until there is a real change in people's life. But I am also convinced that the people has the power to revert the problem, it requires a great deal of sacrifice and a big paradigm change. As I read in a book a couple of months ago. The real problem is how we see the problem. And when the people finally understand that bribery, corruption and drugs exist; is because as any other product there are those who offer it and those who buy it, if there is no one there to buy, it'll for sure stop being offered. I do hope to see the situation to make a turn for the better, and as a single individual I do as I can to create awareness in the people and with the certainty that everyday is a new beginning.

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